On the Ball – the School Cup from funny-frisch

Working with schools and experts to help kids get fit

It is commonly acknowledged that a lack of exercise is one of the main causes of childhood obesity in industrialised nations and emerging economies.

For this reason, we work with governments and NGOs in many countries to support and promote activities that encourage exercise. One such example is "On the Ball – The School Cup from funny-frisch", that we have been supporting in Germany since 2003. The project is scientifically proven and is conducted by the internationally-renowned German Sports University in Cologne (Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln). It focuses on the importance of regular exercise, the enjoyment of sport and the fostering of team spirit. The initiative has more than 1,500 participating schools and creates regular voluntary sports communities for boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 12.

The funny-frisch project is also supported by many top sporting associations, sport stars and politicians, including the former German Family Minister Dr Heiner Geiβler. "On The Ball" has received numerous awards in recognition of the service it provides, including ones from the German Government and the European Commission.

Since 2008, participants have also been involved in a spectacular charity action, collecting more than €250,000 for needy UNICEF and MISREOR schools in Africa, under the banner of "On the Ball Africa".

For more information visit www.fitamball2011.de and www.fitamball-africa.de